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Important Note: In order to OVER DELIVER value to you, we've added entirely new modules and videos not even mentioned in the sales page to you for there is A LOT of content and stuff to go through. Do not get confused and overwhelmed, follow the instructions, do it step by step and you'll be well on your way :)

STEP #1: Download Your Products

Download Your 9 Power Blogs Here!
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Warning Large file! Watch The Intro Videos #1 and #2 For this!)

15 Niche Product Specific Traffic Pack!
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Download Your Free Niche Report...
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BONUS STEP #2: Grab Your FREE Website here!!!

STEP #3: Watch The Videos To Set Up Your Profit Blogs

Introduction Video #1
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Introduction Video #2
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Autoresponder Video

STEP #4: Watch These Traffic Videos To Generate Endless Supply of Traffic

Blog Traffic Hack

Facebook Domination

Google News Traffic

Get Paid Traffic For Free

Generating Huge Lists & Traffic

Pre-launch traffic hijack

Video Income Raid

Yahoo! Traffic

STEP #5: Download Your MASS TRAFFIC LEAK Software!

Software Download
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Video 1 - Intro To Software & Keywords Video (Watch this first!)

Video 2 - In Depth Keywords Research With Your Software

Video 3 - Article Traffic Attack!

Video 4 - Setting Up Your Website...

Video 5 - Back Links Forum Traffic Frenzy

Video 6 - Backlink Blog Cash

Video 7 - Social Bookmarking

Video 8 - Tracking & Testing module

Video 9 - Automate Your Business!

Video 10 - Profit Booster!

STEP #6: Download All your other bonuses and goodies!

I've created 4 pre-sell videos in these niches: forex, make money online, green energy and weight loss. The videos I've created for you comes with FULL rights for you to integrate in promoting products in those niches. The video is generic enough to promote any kind of product in that niche!

I really want you to succeed and I think these videos will help you in your marketing efforts greatly.

Pre-sell Video: Forex
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Pre-sell Video: Make Money Online
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Pre-sell Video: Green Energy
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Pre-sell Video: Weight Loss
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IMPORTANT: Watch This Video To Learn How To Embed Those Pre-Sell Videos

Bonus Social Publishing Cash Video

Step #7: Download your extra bonus

STEP #8: Tell your friends and family about 'Affiliate Ownage' and make $$$

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